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ALERT 21: Being Tied to a Rent to Own House?ALERT!

Are you being offered a house for rent to own while disregarding your housing needs?
What is more important for your company? -  You or The House

Make sure you have freedom to choose your house instead of being tied to a house.

Protect yourself from misleading real estate firms. Stay tuned to our web site, or


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own your home

Own Your Home

17% of Canadians rent due to bad credit, high debt, or bankruptcy. Most of them can own a home through our proprietary program.
Find out how.



save your home

Save Your Home

Save your home “Save Our Sanity”! Stressed about eviction or power of sale? There is a way out. Save home, even with bad credit.



understand your credit

Understand Your Credit

97% of North Americans don't know enough about their Credit. Understand what you need to know about your Credit in order to own your home.




Know Your Mortgage

Banks are ready and willing to give you a mortgage. The Question is, Are you Mortgage ready? Click this link to discover your mortgage options now.