How to Pre-Qualify for Rent to Own

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It seems you are reluctant to ride. Perhaps some more information about the process should help you make an informed decision. has helped families and individuals acquire their homes with unique concept of reverse engineering. This system allows us to pick the right candidates. Our criterion helps us select the ideal most candidate for rent to own home program.

The step 1 to Pre-Qualify for the Rent to own Home program is to establish household income and expense. They play crucial role in the process of pre qualifying. You must be wondering why should you disclose your finances? Your Income and expense will help us establish your affordability, buying power, TDCR and DCR. These factors along with your accumulated down payment will decide if you can become a home owner. The other major benefit to know your cash flow is to keep provisions for any big ticketed items like a new car while you enjoy your rent to own home.This is why our concept of reverse engineering makes us unique and best.

Do you see your benefit in this? Shouldn't you know if rent to own is your best solution?

The step 2 to Pre-Qualify for rent to own home program is to establish your financial commitment as Initial Deposit to the property you hand pick and rent to own. At once you choose the house you like, the house is purchased specially for you to rent to own. We pay required down payment including all closing cost, inspection fees and legal cost to make that house available to you to rent to own. This unprecedented commitment financial commitment comes from our firm believe in our unique and powerful rent to own home program.

If is dedicated and committed to your success,Shouldn't you be?

We will go one step beyond but do you have what it takes to commit?

I want to Pre-Qualify for rent to own home program right now.

The logic behind Initial deposit does not end up here.

So… what else Initial deposit is good for?

How does Initial deposit helps you?

Continue reading how your initial deposit brings you closer to own your home. Ask Yourself,"What else can you leverage?" Your initial deposit is more than just a financial commitment to your rent to own home. This is your investment for your future. This initial deposit will help you leverage your time to own your home and let you stop renting forever. Through our unique rent to own home program, at the end of the term we are able to credit your initial deposit towards your down payment in full. If you showed your commitment and fulfilled all the requirements then the initial deposit becomes your down payment. Isn’t that great?

Now this should help you being pro active. Does this motivate you to take action?

If Insufficient down payment was the reason why banks refused you a mortgage you need not to worry.This is another reason why rent to own home program is unique. We do not have cookie cutter approach instead every solution is customized to the specific needs.The fundamental difference between banks down payment and initial deposit is the source of funds. We trust your commitment and dedication towards changing your situation and allow you to borrow Initial deposit money from your line of credit, friends or family members. However we will never recommend you to take money from any of your consumer credit cards because it defeats the whole purpose of leveraging your time and money to own your home.

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